Business Process Outsourcing


You Choose: Domestic or Near Shore Business Process Outsourcing

You have the option of utilizing our business process outsourcing services in the United States or near-shore in Mexico through our IMMEX (Industria Manufacturera, Maquiladora y de Servicios de Exportacion) subsidiary in Ciudad Juarez: DataXport S de RL de CV. Choosing to have your data processed in Mexico can save you up to thirty-five percent on the outsourced services.

Processing near-shore adds only three to five hours to the turnaround time, the time it takes to follow all proper customs procedures for international transport. Just because your documents travel to Mexico doesn’t mean they go far. Once the documents clear customs, they are hand-delivered by DataXport’s drivers to our Juarez office located approximately two miles away. Your documents never leave our custody.

Our staff’s bilingual culture and the region’s unique international economy minimize the risk of foreign language affecting data entry quality, as evidenced by our guaranteed 99.5% accuracy rate. If you are interested in our near-shore operation, please contact us for additional information.