A number of the nation’s 96,000 public schools and 2,600 four-year institutions of higher education have already made the move from bulky paper records to electronic document management. The remaining will soon be following suit as the National Education Technology Plan establishes that every parent or adult student should have the right to access the student’s assessment data in the form of an electronic learning record. Also creating a pressing need for electronic document management is the paper effect of the No Child Left Behind Act. State education agencies and schools saw their annual paperwork burden increase by 6,680,334 hours at an estimated cost of $141 million dollars. That’s a lot of paper taking up a lot of space where space may be at a premium.

DataXport offers affordable electronic document management solutions that reduce document management costs, provide better information accessibility, increase efficiency and productivity as a result of reduced retrieval time, and maintain the documents securely in compliance with government regulations. Other features of our electronic document management solutions are rapid implementation that minimally impacts the school schedule, simple integration with existing software, and a low total cost of ownership. Contact DataXport for more information on how your academic institution can get out from under the paper.


Managing information electronically promotes efficiency, reduces costs, and ensures regulatory compliance with information security standards. As federal agencies and state and local governments are facing both budget constraints and a demand for increased transparency, enterprise content management (ECM) is the only solution that promises to meet both challenges at once. DataXport uses comprehensive ECM technology by Digitech Systems, to facilitate a reduction of your manual processes. This increases operational efficiency, resulting in government providing timely and improved public services for less, all while maintaining information security.

How does it work? Unstructured information in multiple document formats is captured, indexed, and stored. The information can then be accessed in seconds with our ECM’s powerful search capabilities that reduce the administrative burden associated with procurement procedures, responses to congressional inquiries, freedom of information act requests, and inter-agency collaboration. Other features of our ECM are version control that ensures the user is accessing the most recent draft and automated document routing that shortens response and processing times. For example, county clerks and recorders can instantly access licenses, certificates, applications, and court documents through point-and-click integration. In addition to seamless integration, we offer rapid implementation, low total cost of ownership, and the following security features: multiple security levels with user specific access rights, system tracking and disclosure reports, 256-bit AES data encryption from transmission to storage, and e-mail management ensuring message authenticity that complies with electronic discovery regulations.

DataXport, as a Texas DIR-approved vendor, makes it is even easier to go paperless with Information and Communications Technology (ICT) cooperative contracts.

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DataXport, through Digitech Systems, provides affordable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) that facilitates information security and confidentiality, reliable recordkeeping, and regulatory compliance by tracking system activity and information disclosures. Among the security features of the easy-to-use ECM are: 256-bit AES data encryption during transmission and storage, controlled information access and restricted user abilities, redaction, login security controls, and audit trails. Security isn’t our ECM’s only selling point. Version controls ensure that the most recent draft of a document lands in the user’s hands, and workflow routes documents automatically once specific conditions are met. While hardware failures are certainly a possibility, losing information as a result is a thing of the past with backup processing, data replication, and an off-site storage option. E-mail management provides a means by which to verify message integrity by displaying only the originally captured version. Lastly, document grants give clients secure, web-based access to documents for a predetermined period. Contact DataXport for more information on how to get affordable ECM for your office.


Remaining competitive in the manufacturing industry requires implementing the latest time and cost saving technologies. Reducing the costs attached to paper-based records and streamlining document processes with DataXport’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions does just that. Not only do our ECM solutions increase productivity, they provide multiple levels of security that ensure regulatory compliance, save valuable space, are easily integrated with other line-of-business software, and are rapidly implemented. Other features of our ECM solutions are:

  • Powerful search capabilities, enhanced audit, and automated backup;
  • Printable electronic reports that make it easy to manage COLD/ERM and print stream data;
  • Version control that guarantees the user has the most up-to-date document;
  • Customizable automated capture that converts purchase orders, invoices, approval documents, and proof of deliveries to electronic files;
  • Automatic document routing through user-defined manufacturing procedures streamlines processes; and
  • Records are protected from deletion until they are purged on expiration.

Contact DataXport to begin your transition to electronic document management.


The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) encourages eligible healthcare providers to make the transition to electronic health records (EHR) by offering incentive payments for those who do so within a certain timeframe. Providers who fail to meaningfully adopt EHRs by a certain date may face a penalty. Through Digitech Systems, DataXport offers affordable enterprise content management (ECM) that simplifies the transition from paper records to EHRs. Of course, the transmission and storage of EHRs implicates the privacy requirements set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Digitech Systems’s ECM solutions are HIPAA compliant, offering: data encryption during transmission and storage, five levels of security, disclosure controls, extensive audit trails, and redaction.

Transitioning to EHRs with DataXport also saves you money in the form of increased productivity and touts a low total cost of ownership. Records are accessible in seconds and do not require copying, documents can be automatically routed, integration with existing medical records software is simple, and implementation is rapid. Those for whom storage space is a premium also save money by converting paper-filled space to a more profitable use. Contact DataXport for a free assessment to determine how we can help you make the transition to electronic health records.


Inventory management, purchasing, transportation, warehousing, and organizing are document heavy operations that can be hugely improved with DataXport’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Our ECM functions either off-site or on-premise where it can run on a single computer or thousands. It can automatically route documents, has powerful search capabilities for instant retrieval, extensive security controls, versioning controls, integrates seamlessly, increases productivity, saves space, offers audit reports, and barcode and optical character recognition. Save time and money by contacting DataXport to schedule a free assessment of how our ECM solutions can help your business.


Researching and managing records just became easier and more affordable with DataXport’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. With our ECM system, records can be electronically captured and stored either in-office with PaperVision® Enterprise or in the cloud with ImageSilo®. The records no longer take up valuable floor space & can be quickly retrieved and then searched or securely shared with clients, other attorneys, or the court. With ImageSilo®, documents can be accessed from absolutely anywhere. Our ECM system’s powerful search capabilities and unlimited index values significantly reduce document research time, and productivity is further boosted when document processes are automated. Multiple security levels and extensive security controls limit or altogether prevent access, redaction hides privileged information, audit features record every user operation to ensure document integrity, and non-repudiation verifies that e-mails remain unaltered. Records retention capabilities and destruction schedules also simplify document management. Making the transition isn’t as difficult as you think: our ECM solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing software, are rapidly implemented, and can be implemented without costly capital outlay. Contact DataXport to determine the best route for going electronic with your documents.

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