Customer Contact Center


As an experienced Business Process Outsourcing Company, DataXport offers cost effective, high quality alternatives to in-house back office processing. The addition and expansion of our Call Center Operations became a natural extension to those services, and are performed complementing other processes or as a standalone service. We strive for excellence in customer service through our skilled and experienced managers and staff, with 140 seats, and expansion capabilities to fit your needs.

We tailor our approach to fit the requirements of your business and your project. We represent you in front of your customers based on your business rules, objectives, and the types of communication you maintain with your clients. Efficiency-driven services are ideal to manage high call volume. We prioritize short duration calls, provide information quickly and efficiently to maintain the maximum number of contacts possible. On the other hand, value-added-driven services intend to maximize call profitability, by building and nurturing customer relationships. Our agents provide more detailed answers to customers’ questions, offer additional services and products, and place more emphasis on personal connections with your customers.