Healthcare Support Services


Would you like to add capacity to your practice without the worry of managing it? How much more could you accomplish? How would your patients benefit if you focused more on clinical functions and less on administrative tasks?

We’ve brought our outsourcing expertise together with our customer contact center services to provide an exciting new offering for healthcare providers: support of Chronic Care Management (CCM) Services.

If your practice has already begun billing CPT code 99490, our professional customer service team can help you improve service levels, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs. New to CCM? We can help guide and support your practice each step of the way.

Focus on patient care, save time and money, and increase your revenue by outsourcing to DataXport. DX is experienced in improving operational efficiencies through rigorous productivity, quality, and security procedures. Our success isn’t just dependent on our procedures, but on our carefully selected and trained employees and effective use of the latest technology.